Membership in the Explorers Club.

The mission of the Explorers Club is to advance field research, scientific exploration, conservation and preserve the instinct to explore. As a club, we serve as a magnet and unifying force for explorers and field scientists worldwide, promoting the exploration of land, sea, air and space. 

Full membership of the Explorers Club is open to those with an active interest in exploration and research.  You need not have climbed Everest, dived to the deepest point in the ocean, or discovered a new dinosaur. But we are looking for individuals who have gotten their hands dirty and their feet wet working in the field as participants in one or more documented scientific expeditions.

If you’re enthusiastic but are only starting to build your exploration resume, we also have an option to become a Friend of The Explorers Club.

Both Full Membership and Friend of The Explorers Club will gain you full access to our regular monthly meetings, discussions, emails, chapter trips and expeditions, and the ability to connect with some of Hong Kong’s most enthusiastic and experienced adventurers.

If you’d like more information about membership of the Hong Kong chapter of the Explorers club, or to start your membership process, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

More general information about the Explorers Club is available HERE.