What we do

The Explorers Club Hong Kong Chapter:
Exploration with Purpose 


As individuals, Explorers Club members of the Hong Kong Chapter are some of the best at what they do – each pushing the boundaries of exploration in their respective fields of inquiry all over the planet and beyond. But what really sets our Chapter apart is that we are all friends who love to get out into the field and explore together whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Our diversity of expertise, passion for adventure and shared commitment to our Collaboration Over Conquest approach to the acquisition of new knowledge drives exploration with real purpose that is inclusive, innovating and meaningful.

The Chapter engages in a range of activities throughout the year:


The Explorers Club Hong Kong Chapter leads major field expeditions across Asia in partnership with local expertise in the places we are privileged to explore. Qualifying to carry the Chapter’s Flag requires a demonstrable commitment to inclusion, innovation and conservation in the field above and beyond the norm. You can learn more about carrying the HK Chapter Flag HERE

Microexpeditions & Training

Hong Kong Chapter members are offered unique access to shorter expeditions, such as backcountry skiing adventures and scuba diving trips that are off the beaten track. We also provide specialist training courses such as survival, wilderness first aid and sailing, to build camaraderie and skills that prove useful on longer field expeditions.  


Inspiring, educating and developing the next generation of explorers has always been a core principle of The Explorers Club. The Hong Kong Chapter facilitates and participates in educational and outreach initiatives with local Hong Kong youth, partnering with local institutions and organizations that share our values.


The Chapter hosts monthly informal social events for members and their guests to connect with like-minded explorers, whether scientists, sportspeople or adventurers. For details about upcoming events, please visit us on Facebook.