Angélica Anglés


Dr. Angélica Anglés is a planetary scientist, astrobiologist, astrophysicist (and pianist) whose research is centered around the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars. By travelling to and studying extreme places on Earth which are similar to Mars, such as the world’s highest desert in Tibet, the Pilbara in Australia or the hot springs of New Zealand, she finds important clues for the possibility of life on Mars.

Dr. Anglés completed her Ph.D. in Planetary Exploration and Astrobiology at the University of Hong Kong, where she prepared for future Mars sample return missions by studying the geological features of the Qaidam Basin in Tibet. This remote area is a natural laboratory to compare with Mars’ geological landforms, climatic processes, and potential records of microbial life. These similarities led her to take part in the Landing Site Selection team for the NASA Mars 2020 planetary mission, presenting Holden Crater (with Qaidam Basin as its terrestrial analogue) as her favoured landing site.

Thanks to her research she has won several awards and scholarships to study extreme environments on Earth and she is recognized in media and academia as an expert in this field. This year Harper´s BAZAAR magazine awarded her the title of Visionary Woman 2020. Organized by the Hong Kong South China Morning Post Heart, this award aims to recognize and honor high-achieving female leaders with true vision in several different fields.

Currently Angélica is still searching for life on Mars!