Matt Prior


Matt served for six years in the Royal Air Force flying Tucanos and Hawks before being subject to the UK Defence cuts. As well as flying in the military, he served at the Tri Service Survival Evasion Resistance and Extraction HQ and as a British Military Overseas Expedition Leader led several multidisciplinary expeditions across the world. Since his teenage years he has travelled to over one hundred and twenty countries and ascended various famous peaks across five continents. He has embarked on numerous unsupported expeditions, all of which were on a shoestring and have received global coverage in different guises. Matt has been flying for over fifteen years with 3500hrs+ experience in paramotor, piston, turbo prop, fast jet and wide body aircraft all over the world. 

He is an Adventure Consultant for Red Bull, holds the World Record for the Highest Altitude Reached by Taxi – 17,143ft. and over the years has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Matt has been featured by CNN, Business Insider, Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, Red Bull, and has been approached by National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and the BBC for his overland expertise and willingness to push boundaries. He is also the Co Founder of 101 Meridian and AdventureX. Along with Chapter Chairman Michael Barth, he recently conceived and led The Explorers Club Roy Chapman Andrews Centennial Flag Expedition to the Gobi Desert.