Michael Barth

Founder and Chairman

Michael founded the Hong Kong Chapter of The Explorers Club in 2013 to expand the Club’s mission in Asia, and to create a modern base of operations for his “Collaboration over Conquest” approach to exploration that treats worthwhile expedition opportunities as long-term development projects to build local capacity and drive wider positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Michael has diverse exploration interests spanning architectural diving in the Ionian Sea, to exploring some of the most remote corners of Bhutan, and he is a recipient of The Explorers Club’s prestigious Citation of Merit award, along with the Chapter’s Roy Chapman Andrews Centennial Expedition Team that used NASA mapping and imaging technology in the Gobi Desert to advance the field of paleontology with historic results. 

When not on adventure with the Explorers Club, Michael works to help advance the country of Bhutan through investment in its private sector, and is the co-founder of a new environmental analytics company that reveals critical insights necessary to manage the urgent environmental challenges now threatening humanity.