Michael Eliot Barth

Founder and Chairman

Michael has over twenty years of experience inspiring and leading change at the confluence of international development and investment with emphasis on social entrepreneurship, learning and technology. He founded the Hong Kong Chapter of The Explorers Club in 2014 to expand the Club’s mission in Asia, and to create a modern base of operations for his “Collaboration over Conquest” approach to exploration that treats worthwhile expeditions as long-term development opportunities to build local capacity and drive wider positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

This unique approach to exploration is in part informed by Michael’s work over the last decade advancing the Kingdom of Bhutan, from leading the initial development of the country’s first law school to promoting investment in its private sector aligned with the aims of Gross National Happiness. Currently Michael is applying his more thoughtful and inclusive exploration methodology to the development of a new immersive technology platform that will enable anyone to participate in real, ongoing and new expeditions.

Michael’s own exploration and conservation interests are diverse, and he is a recipient of The Explorers Club’s prestigious Citation of Merit award – an honor he shared with the Chapter’s Roy Chapman Andrews Centennial Expedition Team that used NASA mapping and imaging technology in the Gobi Desert to advance the field of paleontology with historic results.